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As the core service of Roma Credit and Risk Evaluation, Roma Credit Evaluation Report helps to check the solvency of a business. The report gives you the  snapshot of the company’s profile, by consolidating information from public sources, investigation, government census and more.

Our products & services included:

• Roma Credit Evaluation Report 

• Roma Credit Evaluation Report with Property Asset Search

• Roma Credit Evaluation Report with Site Visit

• Annual Monitoring Service (Litigation + Company Registration Filing + Property Asset Transaction)

• Roma Credit Evaluation Reports – China & Overseas (US, Canada, UK, Japan, Macau)

• US Business Monitoring Service 

Roma Credit Evaluation Report

Sections included in Roma Credit Evaluation Report:

• Company Identification

• Executive Summary

• Roma Credit Rating©

• Litigation Records

• History

• Banking & Finance

• Operation

• Related Companies


How to use the report:

• Verify a business existence

• Scope out its size and background

• Confirm litigation records and registration filings

• Spot a business financial standing, operation model & industry forecast

• Set the credit terms with reference to Roma Credit Rating