ESG & Sustainability Reporting

ROMA's team of professional consultants and analysts are able to prepare a customized ESG and Sustainability report which demonstrated compliance to rules, regulations and standards, such as HKEX's listing rules, the SGX's listing rules and the GRI Standards.

We provide strategic recommendations on disclosures; assist you to smartly identify ESG reporting boundary; save unnecessary cost on work and time, so to utilize time and resources. We will also assist you to incorporate better ESG management into the company's operation, risk management and internal control system.
Key Achievements

- Received BDO ESG Awards in 2019/20 and 2020/21
- Served over 100 clients in ESG reporting and sustainability practice by our team
- Increased 1.5 times in Bloomberg ESG disclosure score for a pharmaceutical client
- Strategic reporting
- Time & Resource Saving
- Efficient & Flexible
- Professional Experience